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Crispy Rye Bread
Crispy Rye Bread

Crispy rye bread "jälkiuuni leipä" is 100% rye and yeast free. Due to its lengthier baking process, this bread has a harder texture and a natural grain sweetness.


Our famous Finnish breakfast toast in three great flavours, Rye, Oat and Ancient Grain.

French Bread

French style white bread loaf is baked fresh in-house according to traditional recipes for a true white bread taste.

Regular Rye Bread

Regular rye bread is our traditional 100% rye and yeast free, which is baked into a slightly softer rye bread texture.

Sour Rye Bread

Sour rye bread "limppu" is a dark rye bread, which is 100% rye flour and yeast free.


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