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Sour Rye Loaf

Sour rye bread is a dark rye bread, which is 100% rye flour and yeast free, baked into a loaf shape for easy slicing.

Sweet & Sour Light Rye

Sweet & Sour is made from light rye flour and caraway seeds making it a light tasting loaf, ideal for any type of sandwich. This is an excellent base for salmon sandwiches.

White Sandwich Loaf

The White Sandwich Loaf is a specially made, white bread blended with oats and fat free yogurt, baked without sugar or any fats - making it the perfect option for diabetic people. It has a full flavour and a crumbly texture, which makes it ideal for toasting. This bread freezes very well for up to 2 months.

Spiced Light Rye

This light rye bread is baked with a delicious spice combination, making it the best choice for ham sandwiches.


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