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apple cake
Apple Cake

This is a vanilla flavored white cake topped with fresh apples and sour cream under a perfect peach glazing.

chocolate cake
Chocolate Cake

An Absolute must for chocolate lovers. A pure cocoa and semi sweet chocolate combination offers you the most satisfying feeling of perfection.

apple / cherry strudel
Apple/Cherry Strudel

Our strudel is baked in-house according to traditional style recipes. The result is a flaky pastry strudel, sprinkled with pearl sugar and filled with either apple or cherry filling laid on cake crumbs.

banana loaf
Banana Loaf

Our banana loafs are made from fresh produce only, preservative free. They are not your typical banana breads which you may have purchased before, these are flavoured and baked to perfection, making them taste more like a cake than bread.

carrot loaf
Carrot Loaf



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