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Linkosuo Varras Rye Bread 500g

Linkosuo dried wholegrain rye bread is made in the traditional way, with all bread baked throughly and dried to perfect crispness. Enjoy this traditional Finnish style bread with your favourite cheese, meat or vegetable toppings at time of the day.

Vaasan Round Crispbread 250g

Vaasan Round Crispbread are traditional Scandinavian style rye crisp bread, made into a convenient round shape, making them ideal as an addition to any meal, or as an appetizer for any gathering. Topped them with any of your favourite cheeses, meats and vegetables. Each 100g serving contains 17% fiber.

butter ginerbread
Töysäläinen Butter Gingerbread Cookie 400g

Enjoy these gingerbread cookies, made with butter, any time during the year, or add them to your coffee table setting for that classic touch.


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