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Fazer Eucalyptus Original 34g

Fazer Eucalyptus Original throat pastille have a refreshing and cooling eucalytus flavour, which is convenient to have any time of the day.

Fazer Pectus Original Pastilles 38g

Fazer Pectus Original pastille has a subtle peppermint flavour, making it the perfect little candy treat for any time of the day. Packaged in an easy to open and close box, which fits perfectly into a purse or your pocket.

Fazer Milk Chocolate Bar 200g

Fazer Milk Chocolate Bar is the original Fazer milk chocolate "blue bar", known for its blue coloured packaging and its fine chocolate quality since 1891.

Fazer Geisha Chocolate Bar 44g
Fazer Geisha Chocolate Bar 44g

Fazer Geisha bar is fine milk chocolate, filled with hazelnut filling, packaged into a perfect 44g bar, making it a perfect special treat just for yourself.


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