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Meira Vanilla Sugar 100g

Meira Vanilla Sugar add exciting vanilla taste to any dessert baking needs. Add vanilla sugar to whipped cream for a wonderful boost of flavour.

Dan Sukker Gelatin Sugar 370g

Gelatin Sugar creates a fresh berry taste to frozen berries, making it easy to have berry desserts any time of the year. Use Gelatin sugar to create the final touch to your cakes topped with berries and fruits.

Dan Sukker Pearl Sugar 500g

Use Pearl Sugar as a decorative final touch to your fine home made pastries and baking.

Meira Fish Spice 41g

Meira Fish Spice is a convenient way to add flavour to any of your home made fish dishes.

Meira Cardamom Seeds/Powder 8g

Cardamom spice is traditionally used within Finnish coffee breads and other desserts. It blends well with cinnamon for additional flavour to any spicy hot drink. Available as whole seeds or ground power.

Fruisana Fruit Sugar 500g

Fruisana Fruit Sugar is made from nature's own sourced sugar - fruictose. It is sweeter than white sugar; therefore serving portions can be reduced by 30%, which benefits you by adding less unnecessary calories to foods and drinks. Use it in replacement of normal sugar for your baking and cooking needs.